Perth Bore Water Causes Unsightly Iron Staining
Total Water Concepts have a solution for you!

Iron & Manganese Removal

Iron & Manganese are the most common ground water problems in Perth today. Iron causes so many problems including the taste in water, staining of household cookware and the horrible reddish-brown fence stains. The use of bleaches, detergent and cleaning agents can actually increase the look of the stain. Mineral deposits will build up in your household pipes, tanks & hot water storage systems, therefore affecting water pressure and deteriorating appliances. Increasing energy costs are associated with constricted water pipes and heating water if iron & manganese deposits are apparent.

Choose a Total Water Concepts Solution

Total Water Concepts can recommend a range of products to eliminate iron & manganese staining. Our range of Water Softener Systems can remove iron, manganese and calcium from your bore water and our Whole House Water Filter Systems will remove the majority of other nasty chemicals.

What’s the next step?

A bore water analysis will be required to determine the levels of minerals in your water. Call our team of professionals on 1800 080 051 to arrange a free site inspection and to organise a water analysis.